How I met Bobbi Brown and Baudelaire in a train (part one)

Last summer I was traveling  back from my holidays in Spain with my two sons. We took a train at the French-Spanish border in the beautiful Basque Country. For 30 euros above the second-class tariff you can have a huge and quiet first-class seat on the TGV( train grande vitesse, high speed train).My two sons and I were sitting in a « square « : we occupied 3 seats and the fourth seat was free. From the city of Hendaye to Bordeaux, no passenger came to seat next to us, so my youngest son slept, taking advantage of the fourth free seat.

I thought « If no passenger takes the seat in Bordeaux, we’ll  have the fourth seat for us. » However, when the train stopped in Bordeaux a middle-aged woman arrived with her ticket carrying the number for the seat on which my little son was fast asleep.  I immediately recognized that the lady was American.  That was because  she smiled to us ( French people never smile to strangers , especially when they seat next to you in a train). And she smiled even more when she saw that her seat was occupied by the legs of my younger son.  «  Uh .. …well … », I said with a small embarrassed smile ( do you think  I smile to strangers ?) …Would  you mind taking  my seat ?, I added, because my little boy is very tired and he needs to sleep. » 

She smiled again and said « No  problem , I’m also a mother. I understand ! » What a friendly woman, I thought. We started to chat and  when I asked her what she did in life I heard  »  I work for Bobby Brown. »

Suddenly my eldest son, who had been hypnotized by his video game, looked at me with a  astonished look and told me in French  » what ?!!!! This woman works for the drug-addict Bobby Brown ? The bad guy who was married to Whitney Houston ?? It’s  a shame,  Mummy! »! » I quickly looked back at my son and told him drily in French « Who cares if she works for a famous bad guy ? It was  very nice of her to let your brother have her seat, so be polite to  the lady, please ! »  As I was looking at this charming  lady, I was thinking  « She looks very healthy, slender and young…  how comes she’s working for a man who is not well known for his healthy life style? »  And suddenly I thought :  » I know !!! Bobby Brown wants to change his life style , so he hired her to be his  » yoga teacher- life style coach -vegetarian – Pilates- Guru »  that’s it !!! » No…I could not believe that a New-York rap singer had suddenly changed into a « peace and love guru »  …and suddenly  I had another idea and told the lady : «  you work for Bobbi Brown,the American MAKE-up company, don’t you? ! »

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