The impossible legacy of the Perfect Parisian woman ( part two )


The Parisian woman is not just the cold image of a fragile and chic fashion plate on high heels. Being Parisian is a behavior in life. The unique, violent, and bloody history of Paris built the soul of the Parisian who has a strong personality and is proud of the beloved city she fougt for . Continue reading

With Marcel Proust at Angelina’s



All real parisians know Angelina.

Angelina is the parisian chic tea-room for all the pastry foodies.

The twentieth century was three years old when Antoine Rumpelmayer an austrian pastry chef, opened his  tea-room on the rue de Rivoli, not far from the Louvre museum and from the Palais Royal.

He liked his daughter-in-law so much that he called the place after her : « Angelina ».




During the Belle Époque, the parisian ladies were not allowed to go unaccompagnied in cafés.

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